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Suti saga
Ethnic Wear

The collection of ETHNIC DRESSES is a blend of traditional with contemporary fashion, bringing out the best in the one who wears it. All the designs and patterns are aesthetically pleasing, as well as relatable so that the woman who wears it outshines in her own way.

Hand Work


The HAND WORK designs and patterns are curated with love by the artisans, who put in all their efforts to bring out the best in an outfit. This collection of outfits is something that makes the person who wears it, look different from the others, eventually making them the highlight of the gathering.

Suti saga
Suti saga
Cotton Suit Sets

The collection of COTTON SUIT SETS focuses on minimal and no-fuss clothing, but with a fashionable twist. This collection aims in coming up with a great variety of prints and patterns, that are in relation to the ongoing and latest trends.

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